31 December 2010

Abbotsford casts aside murderous reputation

Abbotsford casts aside murderous reputation: "Abbotsford, B.C., has shed the ugly mantle of Canada's murder capital on a per-capita basis that it earned in 2009.

The dubious distinction has likely moved north to the B.C. Interior city of Prince George.

'We went from 11 murders in 2009 to four this year,' Abbotsford police spokesman Const. Ian MacDonald said Thursday.

He attributed the decline to police getting in the face of gangsters. An increased focus on intelligence gathering led to drug interceptions and violence was snuffed out.

'We got in their face and said, 'We're hearing what the word on the street is, and if you think you're in Abbotsford to do that, you won't be successful.' '

MacDonald points to a 14 per cent drop in violent crime up to December 2010, a 65 per cent drop in shots fired, and a 31 per cent drop in home invasions. Also, there were four attempted murders in 2009, and none in 2010, MacDonald said.

Abbotsford cops also decided to tell the public about gangs and investigations. They bluntly warned youths and parents that even flirting with the drug world could mean death."

VIDEO: Wild Shootout Between Biker Gang Member & Fed Agents | HyperVocal

VIDEO: Wild Shootout Between Biker Gang Member & Fed Agents | HyperVocal: "Maine Attorney General Janet Mills on Wednesday released incredible video of a wild shootout between a motorcycle gang member and federal agents during a raid on the biker’s home.Agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went to the home on June 15 to arrest Mayne as part of a nationwide roundup of 27 members of the Outlaws, four of them in Maine. The ATF Special Response Team was called in because Mayne, 58, was considered a high-risk arrest. He had shot a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang in Canaan during a feud between the two organizations.

The agents were met with gunshots fired from a window when they began to enter the house. The Attorney General’s report officially ruled the shooting “justified.” Watch here:"

Manitoba seeks to seize home where sexual assault happened - Need to know - Macleans.ca

Manitoba seeks to seize home where sexual assault happened - Need to know - Macleans.ca: "The idea of authorities seeking to seize the cars and houses of drug dealers and criminal gangs is familiar enough. In Manitoba, for example, the province’s criminal property forfeiture unit made headlines last spring by taking control of a Hells Angels clubhouse. But now the unit is going to
court to try to take the Winnipeg home of a soccer coach who allegedly abused a preteen girl. It’s the first such attempt under the province’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Act, previously used to grab the
asset of marijuana growers and other profit-seeking criminals. The head of the unit says the soccer coach has used his house in a crime, and therefore shouldn’t expect to keep it. The man hasn’t been tried yet on the criminal charges and his name isn’t being used in news reports."

Federal Prosecutor drops crime syndicate charges against Zurich Hells Angels club - swissinfo

Federal Prosecutor drops crime syndicate charges against Zurich Hells Angels club - swissinfo: "six-year probe into the activities of the Zurich Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has cleared it of being a criminal organisation.
However, five members of the group will be accused of drug dealing, racketeering and attempted kidnapping as a result of the Federal Prosecutors Office investigation.

The defendants reject the allegations.
“Suspicions that the Hells Angels, or at least a core group of the club, act as a crime syndicate could not be corroborated,” the Federal Prosecutors Office said on Thursday.
In a highly-publicised nationwide crackdown in 2004 the Federal Police temporarily arrested nearly 20 people, searched homes and impounded motorcycles, computers and jewelry.
The Federal Criminal Court is still to announce a date for the trial."

Notorious Bikies linked to Coogee bombing

Bikers Of America, Know Your Rights!: Australia - Bikies linked to Coogee bombing: "TATTOO parlour in Coogee owned by two of Sydney's most notorious bikies has been gutted by fire after a petrol bombing, with the street gang Notorious the prime suspect.
Coogee Ink, on Coogee Bay Road, was burnt out just before 1am yesterday.
The fire forced the evacuation of about 30 people from the nearby flats.
Coogee Ink is owned by the national president of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, Duax ''Dax'' Ngakuru, and a senior member, Mark Buddle.
The Comanchero have been feuding with the Sydney street gang Notorious, which was formed several years ago and is run by the drag racer-turned-gang boss Alen Sarkis.
In October, Mr Sarkis and his right-hand man, ''Crazy Dave'' Lima, brawled on Bondi's main street with Mr Buddle and another Comanchero associate, Michael Murray.
Mr Murray was left with a broken ankle and Mr Buddle, Mr Lima and Mr Sarkis were all charged with affray and placed on remand. All three have subsequently been bailed.
Yesterday, underworld and law enforcement sources told the Herald that Notorious was the most likely suspect. Police, however, are not proscriptive, saying senior Comancheros have a number of enemies who could be responsible."
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